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  Intelligencer: Why Ben Bradlee's birthday bash left Barbara Walters peeved.

  Meet the Press: How Hustler, High Times, US Weekly, and YM are covering the convention.

  Talking Points: The convention proved, in the memorable words of the Bush twins, just how “unhip” the Republicans are.  

  The Big Question: If Bush's presidency ended today, what would it be?  

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7:30 A.M. Get up, papers, breakfast, shower, clothes, office.

12-3 P.M. Host Air American radio show. Guests: Bob Barr, Tom Oliphant , Pat Buchanan. Resist Urge to yell at Barr. Afternoon Repeat same talking points to right-wing radio host aafter right-wing radio host. Tell hilarious jokes, win over critics. Fat.

7 P.M. Head to convention floor as correspondent for Janeane Garofalo's show. Remember to ask delegates "What's the most right-wing thing you've ever done?" and "Ever had a homoerotic dream?"

10:15 P.M. The Great American Shout Out. As delegates around me yell "Yay Bush!" I'll shout, "Thanks for my huge tax-cut—I'm rich!"

10:17 P.M. Out of respect for affair, if not for Bush, listen to speech.

Go home, take a shower. Prepare to debunk smears, half-truths, and outright lies on next day's show.

Published on September 2, 2004.