Question: Have You Had It With This Convention Business Yet?
Patrolman Martiny, 32nd Precinct in Harlem, standing at a police barricade
“Yeah, right from day one. But it will all be over by midnight on Thursday. I’ll try and be patient till then.”
Joe, Camera salesman at B&H Photo, 34th Street and Ninth Avenue
“I actually like it that they’re around, because I have less customers coming in and driving me crazy.”
Deborah Bush, EMT paramedic for the past eight years
“You know, I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed it, but it certainly has been interesting. We New Yorkers like to be on our toes.”
Published on September 2, 2004.
Question: What If The Protests Wind Up Helping Bush?
“Stephen,” Six-ten power forward from Florida. BASKETBALL PLAYERS AGAINST BUSH written on chest in Magic Marker.
“I’d hate to think anything I did helped Bush, but he isn’t just an American problem. If our protests add to the global snowball that’s forming against Bush and his pals, then it will be worth it in the long run.”
Naomi Schiller, Anthropologist recently returned from Caracas. Heading toward the Garden.
“No one wants Bush to win. But when the media is dominated by Fox News, people have to see that there is opposition. If the protests are nonviolent and help Bush, then that’s a problem with the media, not the protests.”
Anastaice Smith, Protesting in front of Fox TV on Sixth Avenue.
“Freedom of speech is always worth it. I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t here.”
Published on September 1, 2004.
Question: What’s The Best Time You’ve Had Since Coming To New York? What’s The Worst?
Edrie Kennedy, Largo, FL Age 95, oldest delegate at convention
Best I’m thrilled that Arnold Schwarzenegger is staying at our hotel. I like those muscle-y men.
Worst Those screwy elevators. You can look through the glass into the street. Makes me dizzy.
June Cooper, Garnett, KS National committeewoman for Kansas
Getting to shake Zell Miller’s hand. I shook hands with Bush, Cheney, and Rudy. I really needed Zell.
Worst Not getting to see any of those protesters. We missed them. All we got was some sorry leftovers.
Zach Wamp, five-term member of Congress from Tennessee
The police blocked off all the streets, so when I went for my morning run, Broadway was deserted. I ran up the middle. Felt like a king.
Worst Nothing. This is a perfect experience. The protesters only go to prove what a great nation we live in.
Published on August 31, 2004.
Question: Is New York really part of America?

David Hosea, RNC delegate, Huntsville, TX, prison warden
"Sure, New York seems like part of America. I’m quite surprised. I didn’t know everyone spoke the same language here.”

Diane Powers, RNC delegate, Staten Island, hospital volunteer
"Osama bin Laden sure as hell thought New York was part of America.”
Stephanie Miller-Evans, protester, Manhattan (Canada native), pregnant
"People say I should go back to Canada. But we’re having our baby here so he can be an American. Maybe that will bring it all together.”
Published on August 30, 2004.