There’s Now a Sequel to Go the Fuck to Sleep


Adam Mansbach, the author of Go the Fuck to Sleep, apparently has strong feelings about another aspect of parenting besides bedtime: dinnertime. In a sort of sequel to the 2011 best seller beloved by all the cool parents you know, Mansbach's new book is titled You Have to Fucking Eat, and it's out next month. 

Maybe even more so than sleeping, the mealtime battleground can be especially incomprehensible to parents like Mansbach, who describes himself as a lifelong "highly enthusiastic" eater. “My parents would probably say it was the only thing I did willingly as a child,” he told Science of Us. Hence, the need to express one's frustration in expletives.

Here's a preview from the new book, with illustrations by Owen Brozman. (Click the image to expand.)

You Have To Fucking Eat Excerpt: Click to expand