That Pheromone Spray Has Pig Pheromones in It


Imagine if you could become more sexually attractive to others simply by spraying a chemical on yourself. Many products claim to do just that through the use of pheromones, a commonly mentioned but frequently misunderstood sort of chemical that can subtly nudge humans (not to mention other animals) toward certain behaviors, including sex.

The American Chemical Society has a new video out explaining how pheromone products work (and don’t), as well as their surprising connection to the porcine world. The music is a bit cheesy, but it’s otherwise an interesting and well-done explanation:

So if you’re out and about with your pheromone spray this Valentine’s Day, you might want to stay away from pigpens. Though I guess if you’re checking out pigpens on Valentine’s Day, you’ve probably got other stuff to worry about anyway.