A 17-Year-Old Boy Died After Getting a Hickey

Photo: George Doyle/Getty Images

A 17-year-old boy in Mexico City has died after suffering a stroke that doctors believe was caused by a hickey.

Julio Macias Gonzalez reportedly had convulsions during dinner with his family and died before emergency medical services arrived. He had seen his girlfriend beforehand. Doctors suspect that the suction of a hickey from his girlfriend led to a blood clot that traveled to his brain, causing a stroke.

This is at least the second case of a hickey-induced stroke. In 2010, a New Zealand woman went to the ER when she couldn’t move her left arm. Doctors determined that she suffered a minor stroke, which they attributedto a “love bite” on her neck. She recovered fully after being treated with a blood thinner. Gonzalez was not so lucky.


A 17-Year-Old Boy Died After Getting a Hickey