4 Activity Trackers That Don’t Look Like Tron Castoffs

Photo: Amazon

In the first few years of their existence, activity trackers from companies like Fitbit and Jawbone were appealing despite their looks. Want to count your steps? Great! Here’s a chunky plastic garbage bracelet. Have fun. Wear long sleeves.

Over the last 18 months or so, though, something changed. As the bits and pieces that go inside a fitness tracker get smaller, wearables makers are better-equipped to give half a thought to design.

For more advanced features, mostly heart-rate monitoring, you’ll still need to get something rubbery and blockish. If you’re just looking for confirmation that you actually moved that day, though, it’s gotten easy enough to put a wearable on your wrist that you’d (maybe, possibly) wear even if all it did was look purdy.