Help! My TV Sounds Like Crap


The world would be a better place, I think, if television manufacturers just didn’t bother including speakers in their TVs at all. The existence of speakers inside TVs is dangerous: Yes, they do, technically, make sound; but they’re terrible, and the one and only inarguable, not-up-for-debate fact about home theater is that you need to buy a separate audio setup. And we can help you do that.

A good sound system hooked up to the TV is not an optional accessory; it is essential. To use whichever tinny, distorted rat traps of speakers that Samsung or LG found lying on the floor of a warehouse in Shenzhen is an insult to the movies or music you’re trying to enjoy. Luckily, there are plenty of options, ranging from very technical and finicky to extremely easy, and on all parts of the price spectrum, that can give your movies, TV, and music excellent sound quality, the sound quality they deserve. If you want to spend a hundred bucks or many thousands, that’s up to you, but the fact is, you have to buy something.