Don’t Let Autocorrect Name Your Pokémon


When you catch a pocket monster in Pokémon Go, you have a few options. You can leave the name of your Pokémon as its species or give it a moniker of your own choosing (name your Bulbasaur after your mother — that sort of thing). Or you could let your phone’s autocorrect do the thinking for you, which is what one Redditor decided to do with the 11 Pokémon he or she has caught thus far in the game.

Photo: Reddt/Reddit

The post was only shared an hour ago, but thanks to Pokémon Go mania, it is already at the top of the front page. The Redditor did not give much detail beyond “I let autocorrect give nicknames to my Pokemon,” so it’s unclear exactly how these names were settled upon. Best guess is the user let autocorrect edit the given species names of the Pokémon, hence Ghastly becomes “gast lyfe.” Or, as another Redditor put it, “I didn’t choose the gast lyfe, the gast lyfe chose me.”


Don’t Let Autocorrect Name Your Pokémon