Good Prank: Replace All Family Photos With Steve Buscemi


Are you bored today? Here is a fun thing you can do to pass the time and also put that printer you own (but never use) to good work. Roam your house and collect any framed photographs you have displayed. Now, replace the pictures with printed photos of actor Steve Buscemi of The Big Lebowski and Fargo (and just about everything else the Coen Brothers have ever sneezed on) fame. You will laugh. Your dog will laugh. Your dad will laugh. (Dads love The Big Lebowski.)

This excellent idea comes courtesy of the Manion family in Wisconsin. Kevin Manion pulled the stunt, which his sister, Clare, then documented and shared on Twitter as any good sibling would. She has since been retweeted 18,000 times.

Kevin, for his part, remains humble in the face of his newfound internet fame.