This Hysterical Kid Laughs Like an Adorable Evil Genius


If you’ve been on the internet at all this week, you’ve no doubt been barraged by DNC takes, earnings call breakdowns, and perhaps, if you were so lucky, this postmortem on Harambe memes. All of these are fine, but they pale in comparison to this video of a tiny human absolutely losing his mind in a music class, which is clearly the best thing to surface online this week. (It’s been a slow couple of days here on the World Wide Web.)

The video, which is currently moving up the /r/videos subreddit, currently has only 600 views on YouTube. (But the view counter must be stuck, because I have watched it at least 700 times myself.) The premise is simple: Every time their teacher stops playing the guitar and singing, the kids are supposed to stop clapping. And every time that happens, the kid in the blue shirt with the smile of a small, innocent human who still sees only good in the word cackles with laughter.

Thank you, kid, for this pure and good gift on an otherwise humdrum Wednesday. (Also, shout-out to whoever filmed this scene and put it on the internet.)