Let’s Avoid Taking Photos of Wild Animals


Remember that time people on a beach in Argentina passed around a dolphin and took selfies with it until it died? Or that time a young bison in Yellowstone was euthanized after humans put him in the trunk of a car fearing he was cold? Well, it happened again. This week’s victim: a goat in Seward, Alaska.

On Sunday, a mountain goat in Seward jumped off a cliff and drowned after trying to flee crowds of people taking its picture. “Investigation revealed a large amount of people followed the goat towards the SeaLife Center on the rocks resulting in the goat jumping back in to the water,” troopers on the scene reported.

The goat was recovered by a good Samaritan operating the boat the Interceptor and the goat was given to a charity,” the police report also notes. Which means two things. One: There is a strange Alaskan charity out there collecting the bodies of dead goats who wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. And two: Humans, if you see an animal, please leave it the hell alone. It is better off without you.