Michael Phelps Is Also Pretty Good at Golf


At this point, Michael Phelps has won enough Olympic swimming medals to tile the floor of a small bathroom or use them as coasters at a well-attended dinner party. He’s reportedly retiring following the Rio 2016 games. (Though we’ve heard that before.) But perhaps if he does actually retire this time around, Phelps will consider pursuing golf in his newfound free time.

Earlier today, a redditor resurfaced a video of the swimmer playing a round at a Pro-Am tournament in 2012 and sinking a comically long putt. “He couldn’t,” the announcer quietly comments. “He has,” he follows up, at a slightly louder but still tasteful volume.

Given Phelps played the tournament with a handicap of 26 over par (read: not great), the 159-foot putt is even more impressive. To date, it is reportedly the longest televised golf putt ever. Michael Phelps: Even when he’s not great at something, he’s still probably better at it than you are.