Teen’s Senior Photo Shoot Crashed by Naked Guy and His Dog


All high-schooler Jillian Henry wanted was to stand in the Willamette River near her hometown in Eugene, Oregon, and take a few tasteful pictures to commemorate her senior year. Instead, what she got were 24,000 retweets and a brush with viral fame after a nude dude and his dog wound up in the background of some of the shots.

“So my friend Elena Nesbit took the pictures, and we were taking some in the water when we realized he was a few spots down, naked, and we started laughing so hard,” Henry told me via Twitter DM.

“It’s a very popular swim spot, so I’m surprised he was there, because we weren’t the only people around,” Henry said. “But we also weren’t completely shocked because we live in Eugene and that type of thing isn’t entirely uncommon.” Unfamiliar with Oregonian towns, I asked for a little more detail about what she meant. “Eugene is kinda known as a hippie town, so it’s not surprising to see that kinda thing here, I guess,” she explained. “A lot of people have been saying it’s ‘Classic Eugene.’” Ah, yes, classic Eugene.