Nothing to See Here But 1,000 Dancing Robots


The list of things for which robots will seek retribution against us when they take over the Earth is very long, and we seem to be adding to it day by day. Today’s entry: lining up over 1,000 plastic, humanoid robots with glowing blue eyes and shouting dance, robots, dance, as though the bots don’t have better things to do than chirpy choreography.

Earlier this August in Shandong, China, the Ever Win Company sponsored an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most robots dancing simultaneously. (Welcome to 2016.) Each robot was controlled by an individual cell phone and in order to meet the record, the robots were required to dance, in-synch, for a full minute. The previous record, also set in China, was 540 robots. Ever Win’s new record totaled 1,007.

Not all of the bots were up to the challenge. Wired reports that 33 of them fell over during their routines, which disqualified them from being counted toward the record. That, or they just didn’t feel like submitting to their human overlords that day. (Can you blame them?)