Savage 2-Year-Old Solves the Trolley Problem


The trolley problem, a philosophical dilemma turned beloved internet meme, is pretty simple to understand, if difficult to solve. You have, of course, a trolley, which sits poised to diverge down one of two paths. On one side, there are five people strapped to the track. On the other there is only one. And you have to decide who dies and who lives.

It’s a question of right and wrong that traces back to the 1960s (with its meme origins popping up later, mostly via 4chan, in the late ‘00s). But now, more than 50 years later, a truly sage 2-year-old named Nicholas has finally solved the decades-old problem. The moment, documented by an adult Redditor and shared with the world via YouTube, has already racked up 2o,ooo video views and claimed the number one spot on Reddit’s front page.

Damn, Nicholas. That’s cold.