We Absolutely Guarantee This Video Will Improve Your Mood


This has been a tough week here on the World Wide Web. Vine died. Apple’s new MacBook Pro was kind of a letdown. And Facebook was revealed to be maybe/definitely a little bit racist in its advertising tactics. But luckily, there is still at least one good and pure thing to come out of the digital vortex this week: a video of a very nice dog named Jolene meeting a life-sized version of her favorite toy.

In the video, Jolene is shown playing around with a normal, toy-sized Gumby — her favorite, we presume — and just generally being a good dog. Then a man dressed in a giant green Gumby suit enters the room and Jolene absolutely loses it, pawing Gumby to the ground in a fit of joy and happiness.

Thank you, Jolene. And thank you, Jolene’s Gumby-suited owner for taking one for the team. We needed you this week.