Don’t Attempt to Shave Your Head Using a Drone


Are the bangs drooping over your eyes impeding your ability to see oncoming traffic? Do you want to change up your look for fall? That’s a great idea. Please don’t attempt to give yourself a haircut using an electric hair clipper suspended above your head by a drone. That’s not a great idea.

Last week, YouTuber Roman Atwood posted a video in which he attempts to shave the head of a guy named named Caleb. (In case you’re not familiar with his body of work, Atwood is probably best known for a “prank” video in which he tricked his girlfriend into thinking he blew up their son in a fiery four-wheeler crash. Charming stuff.) Since the clippers are not battery operated, Atwood and friends rig up a system where one person holds up the power cord, which is then connected to the drone. The clippers dangle down as Atwood flies the drone toward Caleb’s scalp in an attempt to cut his hair and not cause any major bleeding from the head.

In Atwood’s defense, the video is titled “NEVER DO THIS!! DRONE HAIRCUTS!!” — but that’s essentially the internet equivalent of telling someone not to push the big red button. So just for the sake of our lawyers, Select All would also like to recommend you “NEVER DO THIS!!”