Why Is Twitter Filled With 4-Fingered People?

Photo: larose419/Twitter

If you’ve already completed the mannequin challenge, it’s time to test out today’s other viral phenomenon: attempting to make your hand look like it has only four fingers. (If you actually only have four fingers, congrats! You are going to rock this.) This challenge comes via Twitter user @Larose419, who, at the end of October, posted a picture of her hand after getting a manicure, where her index finger is noticeably absent. She told BuzzFeed the picture was a joke for her friends because she is double-jointed.

But joke or not, a new challenge was born. People started replying with their own attempts at four-fingered photos.

In theory, this should be easy enough. Tuck your index finger under your other three and then position your thumb to cover any visible knuckle. Despite many attempts, this was as good an illusion as I could manage. My index-finger nail polish is still slightly visible and I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently damaged the blood flow to my fingers.

My sad attempt.

My colleague Jake had slightly better luck and has graciously allowed me to share this photo with you so long as I point out how nice his tablecloth is. (Nice tablecloth, Jake!)

Back on Twitter, some people are taking things to the next level and hiding not just one finger, but two. (How, people? How are you doing this? Was there some secret day in the second grade I missed where they taught you all how to properly contort your hands?)

But as with all internet jokes, those who can’t, cheat. (Excuse me while I go Photoshop my hand instead of doing any actual work on this fine Friday.)

If you’ve mastered this one and are still looking for entertainment, Select All recommends you give the high-five selfie challenge a try. Just make sure your manicure is dry first.

Why Is Twitter Filled With 4-Fingered People?