Did You Lose $3? This Kindly Drunk Woman Found It.


Each year, Australia hosts the Melbourne Cup, an elite horse race that, at least from what I can tell, is an excuse for people to get gussied up and then drink until they can no longer spell their own names or control their limbs and bowels. There is probably also something to do with horses, I suppose. (For a more visual representation of the madness, see these photos, which paint a very clear picture.) This year, amongst the drunken ruckus and sea of fascinator hats, a hero has emerged. A woman who found a wallet containing three dollars and really wanted to make sure it got back to its owner.

The unnamed woman’s act of kindness comes from a video clip shared on Twitter by News Nine Brisbane. In the clip, a news anchor begins by talking about the logistics of the event, when a group of women in the background discover a wallet on the ground. Several of them walk away, but then, one of the women walks toward the camera and begins to speak. “Channel Nine, I think you need to know … somebody has lost [fumbles to open zipper and count the money inside the wallet] $3,” the woman says, as one of her compatriots tries, unsuccessfully, to drag her away from the camera. (She is eventually led away, but only after insisting that the news anchor must find the wallet’s owner and screaming incoherently until she is finally out of the shot.)

I can only hope, if I ever lose my wallet, the person who finds it will also be this determined.