Evil Kermit Is Here to Convince You to Be Your Worst Self


Kermit the Frog, beloved muppet, has provided us with plenty of meme fodder over the years: There’s “but that’s none of my business” Kermit, who sips tea and lets the world know you’re shading them. There’s #TeaLizard Kermit, if you’re a bumbling morning show who doesn’t know much about memes but trying to stay hip. And now, right on schedule for the very bad year that has been 2016, there’s Evil Kermit.

Evil Kermit memes involve a screenshot from 2014’s Muppets Most Wanted, where Kermit (good) faces his evil doppelgänger, Constantine. Constantine wears a dark cloak covering his eyes, just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear that he is not a good dude. Now, imagine you are Kermit/Constantine. You’re having a deep introspective conversation with yourself, grappling with the choice between what is right and what is easy. Evil Kermit wants you to give into what is easy. To do what makes you feel good in the moment but probably isn’t actually good for you. To steal that very fluffy dog.

To quote Kermit himself: “It’s not that easy being meme.”