Another Portuguese Statue Demolished in Pursuit of a Selfie

Photo: Daniel VILLAFRUELA/Wikimedia Commons

Another day, another priceless piece of art ruined in the name of taking a sick selfie. Last week, a tourist in the National Museum of Ancient Art, in Lisbon, demolished a statue of Saint Michael. The statue, which dated back to the 18th century, was broken beyond repair, according to museum officials. No word on whether or not charges will be pressed or if the selfie turned out well. Though, UPI reports the tourist allegedly posted the photo on Facebook, so we can only hope it got an acceptable number of likes.

In case you also have a Google alert set for “Selfie Taker Damages Priceless Art in Lisbon,” this incident might sound familiar. Back in May, a different tourist broke a different statue in Lisbon, this one a 126-year-old rendering of Portuguese “child king” Dom Sebastian. If anyone has any insight as to why Portugal seems to be a hub for selfie-inflicted art damage, please let me know before this epidemic gets any worse.