This Week’s Best Meme Is Basically a Personal Ad


Are you a man/woman/person looking for someone to explain to you why your entire Twitter feed is full of memes resembling personal ads? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m a meme blogger and I’m looking to explain this meme to you. The format of the meme is pretty basic. The trickiest bit is the emoji, which make it look like you’ve created a multiple-choice list, and you can just copy and paste those. From there, you need two sets of choices. The first is what you are: man, woman, nonbinary person, Kenny G., Guy Fieri, that evil twin Demi Lovato keeps locked in her basement. The next is what you are seeking. (There’s a little wiggle room on that last one, as long as the joke is good.) And that, folks, is it.

It’s unclear where exactly this meme started. Earliest renderings seem to come from Stan Twitter, but we, the intrepid meme bloggers of Select All, can’t say for certain. What we can say for certain is that it’s a very good meme.

As we all know, the death of a very good meme usually comes at the hands of a brand, abusing one pure internet drivel in the name of capitalism, and driving everyone onto the next internet gag. Kenny G. — of hair and saxophone fame — tweeted his own version of the meme on Sunday, featuring a groan-inducing “casual sax” pun. While he’s not technically a brand, he’s not not a brand. Which means we’re about to see personal-ad memes spike and then, as all memes do, die. Get on it while the retweets are still hot!


This Week’s Best Meme Is Basically a Personal Ad