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Viva Victoriana

Simple Summer Wardrobe

6 Romantic Takes on the White Blouse

Pussy bows, lace details, and Victorian collars.

Best Bets More

Friday 8/21
EspadrillesA Thorough Cleanser
It takes it all off.
Thursday 8/20
EspadrillesA Pop Art Tote
It’s even washable.
Wednesday 8/19
EspadrillesAn Artsy Poster
An abstract lithograph that’s practical.
Tuesday 8/18
Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow DuoA Long Silk Dress
It even has pockets.
Monday 8/17
Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow DuoA New Book
It captures New York in 36,000 drawings.

Campus Style

White Dresses

Here’s Everything You Need to Go Back to College

Stop with the cheap plastic milk crates.

Office Space

Man-ClothesMake Your Desk Lunch Feel Like a Proper Meal

Stop scarfing food from plastic containers.