This spring, fashion is about imagination, creativity, fun. A thousand flowers (and ruffles, lace, and fringes) are blossoming. Individual style is in the ascendant. Celebrating that eclecticism, we've enlisted a cross-section of New Yorkers — chefs, artists, businesspeople, actresses — to make the season's looks their own.
Cover Girl: Jennifer Connelly
The former teen heartthrob has taken Hollywood by storm. But her natural, untouched glamour is all about New York.
 Patron Saint: Giorgio Sant'Angelo
Thirty years after his death, this superstar of the '70s fashion world continues to symbolize wild, iconoclastic style.
 Spring in Photos!
New Yorkers in whiteDesigners you noticeWhat we saw on the runways
 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Look ahead to Fall 2002 with photos from the NY runways.
10 designers behind
the looks you covet!

Notable New Yorkers wear
the color of the season.

By Mark Holgate
Produced by Caroline Batiste
Production Assistant: Fiona Henderson
Fashion Editor: Shyama Patel
Associate Fashion Editor: Monica Schweiger
Fashion Assistant: Sharon Pieczenik
Edited by Meredith Kahn

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