From Bulgari baubles to Dior cowboy boots.
  ...and the hot fall looks you'll find in each.
  Glamorous rocker Chan Marshall is fashion's new It girl.
Shalom Harlow sashays onto the big screen.
The controversial photog behind Gucci has a knack for getting models to strip.
Where can Ferragamo go to update its image? SoHo, of course.
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Instead of dropping all your cash on designer clothes, vacation at the source of this fall's biggest trends.

If You're Going to: Oaxaca

Be Sure to Pick Up: Heavy leather belts.

Which Inspired: Donna Karan's urban warrior (pictured).

If You're Going to: Mykonos

Be Sure to Pick Up: Greek fisherman's hats—the kind that old men wear.

Which Inspired: Celine's tomboy toppers (pictured).


If You're Going to: Seville

Be Sure to Pick Up: Full flamenco skirts and peasant blouses.

Which Inspired: Bohemian gypsies at Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent.


If You're Going to: Daytona Beach

Be Sure to Pick Up: A NASCAR jacket—you'll cut the patches off later.

Which Inspired: Balenciaga's sleek, speedy chic (pictured).

If You're Going to: Marrakech

Be Sure to Pick Up: Djellabas in muted colors, with turbans for accent.

Which Inspired: Miguel Adrover's fall collection (pictured). He accessorized with goats, which could be a problem at Customs.

If You're Going to: Moscow

Be Sure to Pick Up: A furry Russian hat.

Which Inspired: Louis Vuitton's matryoshka babes.

If You're Going to: San Antonio

Be Sure to Pick Up: Something fringed—you can even attach a coon tail!

Which Inspired: High-seventies rock style at Dolce & Gabbana (pictured).

If You're Going to: Cape Cod

Be Sure to Pick Up: Salty nautical prints.

Which Inspired: Alice Roi's Old Man and the Sea sweaters (pictured).

Photos: Dasha Wright Ewing(2), Firstview.com(2), Dasha Wright Ewing(2).
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