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Oscar de la Renta

Mono Tones
Nobody does monochrome better than New York designers. This season, they've taken the classic black-and-white path, offering up cool combinations that will make you look pulled together — with the least amount of effort.

What to Buy
The runway was stocked with urban classics — slim-waisted jackets, knee-length skirts — many of which you probably already have. The trick is to find new pieces that'll give your wardrobe an instant update. Three worth investigating are Oscar de la Renta's beautiful white lace shirt and black tulle evening skirt (pictured), which can be split up and worn with more pared-down partners; Calvin Klein's twist on the vest, deconstructed into a "corset" that sits over a tank and pants; and Helmut Lang's inventive layering of white suspenders over a white shirt or chiffon top.



More in the Magazine
Get more sneak peeks at spring 2002 fashion in the November 12, 2001 issue of New York magazine.



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