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Ask a Shop Clerk: Airi Sasaki

Taro’s Origami Studio, 95 Seventh Ave., nr. Union St., ≠second fl., Park Slope; 718-360-5435


Why does New York need an origami shop and studio?
I think people here are already interested in crafty things, especially in Park Slope, where there are a lot of kids. Maybe it’s calming.

What’s the wildest origami you’ve ever made?
I mostly stick to flowers, but the owner, Taro Yaguchi, makes cars, trucks, planes, trains. He made a paper Cadillac with Obama in the back seat.

What’s been the most popular origami so far?
The beginner animal kits. We offer a twenty-minute drop-in class for $5, where kids can make a bear, fish, dog, or rabbit.

How are you going to turn a profit off $5 origami classes?
I have no idea. Maybe the fee is too cheap, but Taro wants to keep it low. For adults, we’re starting hourlong, $20 classes for making small ornaments, coasters, and boxes.

What if your kid’s rabbit doesn’t turn out? Do you get your money back?
Of course not. Maybe she can try again.


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