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Which Water Works?
Leslie Cooperstein, competitive marathon runner and board- certified clinical nutritionist at the N.V. Perricone M.D. Flagship (791 Madison Ave., nr. 67th St.; 212-734-2537), weighs the claims of designer sports drinks.

Gatorade, Original Lemon-Lime
$1.29 at Gristedes, 25 University Pl., nr. 8th St.; 212-353-1330
It’s the most comprehensive. It’s got the electrolytes you lose the most, vitamins, and carbohydrates. When it comes to performance, it’s still the big boy in town.

Function Drinks, Alternative Energy
$1.69 at Westside Market, 77 Seventh Ave., at 15th St.; 212-807-7771
The claim is that certain ingredients are time-released, providing six to eight hours of energy, but there’s no indication this formula can do that. And the vitamins are minimal. There is a small amount of sodium, which is good, but quite a bit of caffeine, which contributes to dehydration. Also, it tastes like rusty water.

Vitamin Water, Charge
$1.99 at Khim’s Millenium Market, 280 Bedford Ave., nr. 1st St., Williamsburg; 718-387-0063
It’s enjoyable to drink, which is key. It has a good amount of vitamin B and certain electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium) but, curiously, not sodium, one of the electrolytes people lose most when they sweat.

O Water, Mandarin Orange
$1.79 at Balducci’s, 81 W. 14th St., at Eighth Ave.; 212-741-3700
It’s a good way to get water into your body, but having no vitamins or carbohydrates whatsoever is a huge downside if you’re drinking it for performance.


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