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Best Bets: Week of May 18, 2015

Shipping Containers
[re]New Lots (175 New Lots Ave.): Brooklyn nonprofit Arts East New York and NYCEDC filled a 17,000-square-foot abandoned lot with shipping containers featuring local designers, crafts, and a beer garden—all open through October.

Illustration by Jason Lee  

1. Word Up Café: Homemade lemon iced tea and an outdoor beer garden with open-mike nights.
2. My LifeStyle Inc: Cotton flower-printed cap-sleeved summer dress ($50).
3. Gallery Across the Street: Graffiti on wood by George Ibañez, a.k.a. Crime79 ($3,400).
4. Jiva Designs: Handmade 15-string glass-beaded necklaces ($30).
5. Everything Sticks and More: Sweet potatoes on a stick ($6).
6. Made in Afrooklyn: Handmade hats of African fabrics ($28). Everything Sticks and More Sweet potatoes on a stick ($6).
7. Thee Art Cave: Screenprinting, T-shirt design, logo creation, and after-school classes.

2x2: Squishy Outdoor Chairs
Flop on the terrace.

Taupe-striped Ponce lounger at, $199.
Colorful: Floral Kick-It chair at, $145.

Sand Ibiza chaise at Restoration Hardware (935 Broadway), $1,525.
Colorful: Coral Maya chaise at Room & Board (236 W. 18th St.), $1,399.

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

Ask a Shop Clerk
Owner Sid Azmi of the neighborhood-friendly sex shop Please New York (557 Fifth Ave.).

How does your store fit with the Park Slope vibe? There’s children walking by, so we keep the books in front and the BDSM stuff toward the back. It’s also a good way to ease in. Start by picking up the book The Loving Dominant, move to the prickly vampire gloves, and then to the hemp bondage rope. The idea is to titillate, not choke; you never want to use nylon rope from Home Depot.

Three in One
LAB Brooklyn (144 Driggs Ave.), which stands for Local Artist Bazaar, is a destination for home, body, and flower-crown workshops.

1. Home goods: Pillows screen-printed by watercolorist Meera Lee Patel ($36); pizza peels made from salvaged wood in Greenpoint ($70).
2. Apothecary: Five-ounce hunks of lemongrass-scented soaps made with UV-blocking cacao powder and Dead Sea salt ($10); green-tea-and-coconut-milk bath soak by Apotheke ($24).
3. Classes: Comic-book-memoir-making taught by The New Yorker’s Julia Wertz ($140); fresh-flower-crown workshops by the custom flower arrangers La Vie Rosie ($75).

Moving In
Baller turned perfumer Ben Gorham on the first U.S. flagship for his fragrance brand Byredo, now open at 62 Wooster Street.

Illustration by Murphy Lippincott  

I played professional basketball in Sweden but quit to go to art school, where I did a project on translating specific memories into smells. I launched my brand with the same idea—one scent, for example, evokes the place in the Chembur region of India where my mother was born with notes of bergamot, lemon, and ginger. I chose a big space in New York—eight times bigger than the store in Stockholm—because I want people to be able to come here and discover products and take their time. There’s also going to be leather accessories: I’m developing a perfume specifically for the store, which I’ve never done before, that smells of a very specific French calf leather that we use in our geometric Nécessaire de Voyage handbags.

Top Five
Dutch design brand Moooi just opened its first U.S. showroom and retail space (36 E. 31st St.), with ghoulish chairs and papier-mâché chandeliers.

The scary face on this foam-covered, wool-upholstered Monster Divina Melange chair ($1,666; available in 25 colors) conjures “opposing life forces.”

The three-pronged Delft Blue No. 3 vase ($648) is produced at a Dutch factory dating back to the 17th century.

This Paper Patchwork chandelier ($4,743) has a papier-mâché construction; the wood-and-cardboard candelabra is finished with lacquered paper.

Upholstered in durable polyester, the four-foot-tall Tudor low cupboard ($5,218) has a whitewashed ash frame.

These polyethylene New Antiques bar stools ($398), offered in 11 colors, have hard bodies and soft seats, and their footrests come with slip-resistant ridges.


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