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Best Bets Daily: Thursday


Posted March 2, 2006
Most big and medium-sized businesses have private, secure computer servers with storage space where users can store and share files. Now most individuals can too—for free. The key word here is "secure," which makes diino—the creation of a Swedish company that is just launching the service in the U.S.—way different from notorious file-sharing services like kazaa. Go to, sign up for an account, download the diino interface to your Windows PC, and you'll be able to upload and easily share up to 20MB of files (documents, digital photos, MP3s, whatever) instantly. (Paid options for power users include a massive 10GB account for $9.95 a month.) You'll have access to your files from any Windows PC in the world (unfortunately, no Linux or Mac version yet), and because diino doesn't have a Web browser interface and uses technology that doesn't open a direct connection to the file system, your files are immune from viruses, worms, and spyware that commonly propagate across other Web networks. An added bonus: Once you've uploaded MP3s, you can stream them through the diino interface and listen to them at work, home, or wherever.

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