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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Hold It, Bud

Posted April 27, 2006
Remember Cordster? A past Best Bets Daily pick, it's a clever little flat plastic spool, of sorts, that you stick onto your iPod (or any small electronic device) to keep its cord from tangling up. Since writing about Cordster, a brainchild of a New York-based designer, I learned of yet another clever little cord-management solution—invented by, yes, yet another New Yorker. Earbud Clip, created by Brooklyn-based PKOH NYC—which was founded by star product designer Paul Koh—is an insanely simple and effective product: It's a sort of paperclip-ish thing that attaches to your earbud cord. Essentially, you use your iPod as the spool, and the Earbud Clip to keep the spool from unspooling. It's made of "virtually unbreakable" Lexan polycarbonate, so it's flexible but weirdly sturdy. Why am I telling you all this now? Because, as it happens, the Earbud Clip four-pack (with black, white, green, and pink clips) is now being offered at a newly discounted (30% off the original) price at my all-time favorite hometown electronics merchant, J&R.

$7 for a four-pack at J&R Music and Computer World, 15 Park Row, between Ann and Beekman Sts.; 212-238-9000;

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