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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Meta Time Waster

Posted August 31, 2006
The biggest growth area on the Web right now, obviously, is time-wasting—a.k.a. viral video. But the next biggest growth area on the Web has to do with services that help you to waste time more efficiently. Within that niche, I'm a fan of Dabble—currently in beta (test) mode, but already pretty terrific. It not only searches for video across more than 240 sites (from YouTube on down), it has some easy-to-use social-networking functions (i.e., you can create and share collections, and view collections created by like-minded people... just like on YouTube, but with much wider reach). Dabble has lately helped me find all manner of completely essential, time-sucking amusements, like the 43-second "Dog & kitten playing," which I otherwise—God forbid!—might have missed.

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