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Best Bets Daily: Thursday


Posted October 19, 2006
My beloved Motorola Razr and I have been growing apart lately. Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve been seeing a cuter, sexier, skinnier cellie. A lot of phones over the past few years have been billed as supersleek, but the Pantech C300 is the first in a long time that is actually noticeably teenier. The newest ultracompact available from Cingular is just over one and a half inches wide and two and three quarter inches tall. It's almost disturbingly light—2.41 ounces of near-nothingness (an ounce less than the Razr) that initially might make you feel like you're holding a toy. The screen's bright but tiny, so you're not going to want to do a lot of e-mailing or Web-browsing on this baby, and the built-in camera is pretty low-res (640 by 480 pixels). The voice quality, though, is excellent. For those who want a basic phone, this is my current No. 1 choice.

$70 ($50 after rebate) with Cingular activation at

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