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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Frame Job

Posted December 14, 2006
Some probable truths: (1) You’re going to shoot a bunch of digital photos over the holidays, (2) People are going to ask for copies, (3) You're never going to get around to e-mailing or printing them out and sending them, (4) People will be sad about that, (5) You'll feel slightly guilty. One solution: Give them digital photos on the spot, preloaded into the new Royal Digital Picture Frame. These sorts of devices have been on the market for years, but until recently, they've been prohibitively expensive and often tricky to use. The Royal's not only just a little over $100, it doesn't require a computer connection at all. You just slip a memory card from virtually any digital camera into one of the slots in the back and you're ready to start viewing your shots (potentially hundreds, depending on the size of your memory card) on the bright seven-inch screen. There's even a little remote control with a zoom function.

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