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Best Bets Daily: Thursday


Posted January 11, 2007
Hate your laptop's touchpad? I did, and I could never quite get used to using it on the road. I used to lug my desktop’s Bluetooth mouse around with me, but half the time I'd forget to take it with me so I'd be stuck fingering my stupid touchpad. But now I have a separate mouse, the MoGo MouseBT, just for my laptop. The great thing about it is that it packs flat: It's got a clever pop-up, pop-down design, with a "flipstand" that clicks into place out of the bottom and raises the back end up to normal mouse height to simulate the shape of an actual 3D mouse in your hand. If you've got a PC or a Mac with a PC Card slot, it actually fits right in there and recharges from your laptop's power. It's a Bluetooth mouse, though, so keep in mind that you need a Bluetooth-compatible laptop (or a laptop with a Bluetooth adapter) to use it.

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