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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Germ Warfare

Posted Jan. 10, 2008
Yet another gentle suggestion for a New Year’s resolution: Get rid of your germy toothbrush. Actually, don’t just get rid of itóreplace it with a dramatic upgrade: a toothbrush that cleans itself, namely the Philips Sonicare FlexCare. Over the years, we’ve had a certain obsession with oral hygiene here at Best Bets Daily; few things have pleased us as much as the electric toothbrush wars: the competition between various manufacturers to build increasingly sophisticated devices that use stuff like sonic-wave technology to knock plaque off your teeth with almost scary efficiency. Sonicare has been a leader in this area since the nineties, but now the company’s upped the ante dramatically with its latest model, the FlexCare, which includes its own mini UV sanitizer unit that uses a ten-minute dose of ultraviolet light to kill the nasty bacteria (like E. coli) that inevitably breed in your bathroom. Another huge improvement: The toothbrush itself vibrates about 80 percent less than previous Sonicare models.

$169.99; $49.99 for just the UV sanitizer unit.

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