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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Walk This Way

Posted Jan. 24, 2008
There have been a lot of scientific studies over the years that show pedometers work—in that people who use them tend to walk more, lose weight, lower their blood pressure, etc. (Remember your New Year’s resolutions?) There have also been a lot of unscientific studies over the years that show that clipping a pedometer onto your waistband will make you look like a total dork. Which is why Sportline created the new ThinQ, an ultracompact credit-card-esque pedometer that slips into your pocket. (At about three millimeters thick, it’s not actually as thin as a credit card, but it’s darn close.) It tracks the usual stuff—steps walked (up to 99,999), distance traveled, estimated calories burned—and comes in green, orange, and blue. Tracksuit and headband not included.

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