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Protection to Go

Posted May 29, 2008
Chances are pretty good you’ve got your computer plugged into some sort of surge protector. Chances are even better that when you travel with your laptop, you plug it in unprotected—because who wants to lug around a power strip? The new Mini Travel Surge Protector from Belkin is not only ultracompact, it’s got two USB ports for juicing up stuff like iPods and USB-chargeable mobile phones (e.g., BlackBerrys, Motorola RAZRs, and iPhones). That’s handy if your laptop has only one USB port (hello, MacBook Air) or if you want to recharge your USB gadgets when your computer’s off or snoozing (a lot of people don’t realize that USB ports on most computers don’t stay powered during sleep mode). Plus, the plug part rotates 360 degrees, so it’ll fit into tricky spots, like those awkwardly positioned outlets under many of the seats on Boeing jets.

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