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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Brush Off

Posted January 8, 2009
What’s nastier than a germy toothbrush? Two germy toothbrushes sitting in a toothbrush holder together, cross-contaminating each other in a microbial free-for-all. The new VIOlight Duo, from the company that makes the bulkier four-toothbrush, family-size, counter-top VIOlight (we covered it in Best Bets Daily when it debuted four years ago), is a compact unit that uses a six-minute blast of ultraviolet light to murder 99 percent of the germs that would otherwise camp out and breed on your brushes. Unlike the original VIOlight, this one is battery-operated, so you can stick it on your wall using the included mounting bracket (and double-sided adhesive pad), and there’s no bulky transformer unit to plug in. And it’s light enough to take with you on trips; just slip it out of its bracket.

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