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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Meow Remix

Posted February 5, 2009
Forget the iPhone. This might be the best gadget ever: the Control-a-Cat. Originally sold in Britain (where cats are known to be even more standoffish), but now available in the U.S. via dorktastic online emporium Perpetual Kid, this universal remote control is designed to work with all breeds of felines. The most common commands—including "show affection," "remain aloof," "retract claws," and "land on feet"—are clustered on the clearly labeled large buttons, with smaller "get off (chair, shelf, bed)" and "stop (hissing, scratching, attacking)" buttons neatly arranged in two rows at the top. Other options include "mute" and purr-volume control. Just point and click (results may vary). Also available in Control-a-Dog and Control-a-Boss versions.

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