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Best Bets Daily: Thursday

Split Decision

Posted May 14, 2009
It is, of course, completely maddening to not have enough USB ports on your laptop, which basically always happens if you’ve got a MacBook Air (which only has one) or any PC or Mac with two poorly spaced ports (e.g., some USB plugs are so wide they’ll block a second port). Lugging around even a small USB hub is overkill, because you probably don’t need to be plugging in, like, four different USB devices when you’re on the road. Enter Griffin Technologies with its new SmartShare USB, a simple, pocketable USB splitter. Now you don’t need to unplug, say, a thumb drive or your mouse just so you can sync your iPod. It’s coming to brick-and-mortar retailers soon, but you can order it direct right now from Griffin.

$19.99 at Griffin Technology.

Buy it online.


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