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Best Bets Daily: Tuesday

Pop a Wheelie

Posted September 19, 2006
Before I left to climb Kilimanjaro, a friend who had just returned said I’d look like a dork if I showed up with “real” luggage and suggested I bring a duffel bag instead. Considering that I was going on safari afterward, a non-wheeled bag was not an option for me. I needed something that would fit all that Kili and safari gear, and still have room for bringing back contraband biltong. I went with Patagonia’s Freightliner Max. As you can see from the photo, it packs a ton of stuff. What you can’t see is how it folds practically flat when not in use, and how easily I wheeled it through no less than four airports, not to mention the occasional dusty road (no, this did not go on the mountain with me, but it took great care of me in transit).

$325, smaller version available for $295,

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