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Best Bets Daily: Wednesday

Scare Spray

Posted September 27, 2006
My friend Greg recently gave me a present—a tiny mace dispenser from Pepperface, encased in a very stylish purple sheen. “Most girls don’t want to think about defending themselves,” he said, and I realized he was right. Every week, I think about signing up for a self-defense class, buying some pepper spray, getting a padlock, and I’ve never done any of these. Greg continued, “If girls would imagine their pepper spray as an accessory, instead of a weapon, they might be more apt to carry it.” I don’t know if Greg is right, or why I can’t admit the city isn’t always safe, or why I need my pepper spray coated in purple glitter. What I do know is that since he gave me the Pepperface dispenser last week, I haven’t left my apartment without it.

$35 at New London Pharmacy, 246 Eighth Ave., nr. 22nd St.; 212-243-4987.


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