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Tested: PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo


I have hair hubris. Because I’m fortunate enough to come from a family with thick, glossy manes, I’ve always looked at shampoo as nicely perfumed detergent; one is essentially like another, and it doesn’t matter much if I use White Rain or Kerastase. If I like the smell, that’s enough. I’d certainly never pay more than $10 or $12 for hair care.

But recently I needed a travel-size shampoo, and the only option at my local drugstore was PureOlogy’s Hydrate Shampoo, which cost an outrageous $6.99 for one tiny bottle. I bought, I used, I went back the next week and bought the full size shampoo and conditioner, too. For $27.99. Each. There’s no way to describe the effect of these products without descending into advertising hairspeak, but it’s true: My hair is softer, glossier, more manageable. It gets comments, even from professionals like Marie, who does my highlights. “Your hair is much less dry than it was a few months ago,” she said, rubbing a few strands approvingly. PureOlogy just got acquired by L’Oréal; they’d better not mess with the formula, or they’ll have my hair to answer to.

PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo
$27.99 at Ricky’s, 1189 First Ave., nr. 64th St.; 212-879-8361


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