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The All-Purpose Head Thingy


My building is freezing, so I am typing this in the Buff. No, I’m not naked. I’ve contorted my lime-green Buff to sit over my head and ears. I look ridiculous, but I’m very comfortable. A Buff is a seamless, tubular piece of fabric that’s an all-in-one hat/scarf/bandanna/face mask/scrunchie/headband that can be styled to fit the current weather. I own two: a thin Original Buff that I wear like a pirate to hot yoga and the gym (it wicks away sweat), purchased at the suggestion of a runner friend, and a thick winter version that is half Polartec fleece, half microfiber. It now has a permanent spot in my purse. I twist it into a beanie when I’m cold, a Driving Miss Daisy head-wrap style when it rains (for other how-to-wear-it options, there are eleven surprisingly charming demo videos at I’ve recently discovered another Buff bonus: It keeps my hair from frizzing.

Buff Multifunctional Headwear
$19.95 at Urban Angler, 206 Fifth Ave., nr. W. 25th St., third fl.; 212-689-6400


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