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But Will the Ladies Like It?

The latest crop of men’s fragrances promise machismo, exoticism, and, of course, sex. Do they deliver? The guys at 123 Burger Shot Beer take some spritzes for the team.


Mustang Blue
$26.29 at CVS, 272 Eighth Ave., nr. 24th St.; 212-255-2592
What the Press Release Says:
An “intoxicating, earthy blend of hay and patchouli” intended for “men who aspire to the freedom of the outdoors, the power of the engine, and the confidence to show off their sexier side.”
What the Men Say:
“It has a macho smell. I could see it on someone who works on a ranch or oil rig.”—McCartney
“I like classic with a twist. This smells classic, but no twist. It’s something my father would use. It smells conservative.” —Abol Naga

McGraw by Tim McGraw
$29 at Walgreens, 145 Fourth Ave., at 14th St.; 212-677-0214
What the Press Release Says:
“Embodies the true essence of Tim McGraw—the man and the performer.” In smell terms, that translates to “bergamot, nutmeg, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli, with a touch of aged whiskey.”
What the Men Say:
“It reminds me of Arizona. It also smells like Obsession, which is what I wear.” —Schlenger
“This is for someone older. It’s a bit fancy, too. I’d wear it maybe for a formal setting.” —Maarouf

212 Sexy Men
$66 at Sephora, 300 Madison Ave., at 42nd St.; 212-503-0800
What the Press Release Says:
For the man who is “enigmatic, with a deep and seductive look that makes it impossible not to look at him.” Local hook: “[212] personifies New York style and the sensuality of its mythical nights.”
What the Men Say:
“Anyone who wears this is a bit special, maybe a set designer. It’d look good in my bathroom.” —Abol Naga
“It’s good to wear out at night.”—McCartney

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier
$75 at Macy’s, 151 W. 34th St., at Seventh Ave.; 212-695-4400
What the Press Release Says:
“A fragrance so vibrant, it flaunts the cool and sexy spirit of the iconic Ed Hardy lifestyle.”
What the Men Say:
“This guy is wearing a silk shirt unbuttoned down to here with his chest hair coming out. I have a friend who smells like this.”—Schlenger
“You’re just going out to chill. Maybe hanging with your girlfriend or something.”—Bycinthe

Cartier Roadster
$105; 653 Fifth Ave., nr. 52nd St.; 212-446-3459
What the Press Release Says:
“Confidently, he steers through life … a hedonist caught up in the challenges of style … an impeccable aristocrat … intoxicated with the exhilaration of the play, yet firmly under control.”
What the Men Say:
“Definitely something you’d wear to a club. You know women are going to dance up all over you.”—Bycinthe
“Smells like a business guy who wears a lot of hair product and rides his motorcycle on weekends.”—Amy

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