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The Wedding Album
Catherine Wragg and John Fulbrook III

St. Patrick's Cathedral
September 11, 2004


Was there a particular reason you chose to marry on 9/11?
It's Catherine's grandmother's birthday. They were extremely close.

What was it like getting married at St. Patrick's?

It was a little chaotic. There was a wedding at three o'clock, and ours was at four. You can't be late, or they'll marry you in the basement. Did you know that there's a police precinct in there? The cathedral's aisle is very, very long; I was impressed that my niece, our flower girl, made it to the end. She's such a ham. At the end, they open the big brass doors, crank the organs, everyone's clapping, and you're trying to hug your mom, but there are tourists in between you and her.

Why the apples?

We named the tables after apples: the Empire, the Gala, the Rome. It seemed more elegant than Tables 1, 2, 3. That's all John ate at our wedding, three apples—and a bit of lobster appetizer. It was a danceathon—no time to eat. We even had a couple of people in wheelchairs dancing. We really did.



  Reception: The Rainbow Room
Gown: Ron LoVece
Wedding Planner: Claudia Hanlin, Wedding Library
Flower-Girl Dress: Fenaroli for Regalia
Flowers: Michelle Rago
Photographer: Karen Hill

From the Spring 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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