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The Wedding Album
Mallory Kasdan and Evan Benjamin

Splashlight Studios
October 9, 2004


You had all the elements of a traditional Jewish wedding, yet the look was unconventional.
We like a modern aesthetic and did a lot with light projections and graphic design. We had a klezmer band that we'd found on the Internet and had gone to see at a Williamsburg bar. Our ketubah was inspired by a Rothko painting; Mallory and I recorded ourselves reciting the ketubah, and I morphed our voices together and played the recording on a loop as people entered the space. We wanted guests to be able to hear the English translation.

You also had an interesting way of documenting the wedding.
Because Evan's a recording engineer and I'm a radio producer and voiceover actor, we had a sound booth, similar to the one in Grand Central station. It was very funny and heartwarming to later listen to how people reacted to having a mike in front of them—a lot of drunken rapping about us.

Did anything go wrong?
Towards the end of the ceremony, we heard this sudden, loud, dragging sound, as though some heavy furniture was being moved around upstairs. When it didn't stop, we started laughing. And everyone started clapping along with the rabbi's song, trying to out-clap the noise upstairs. It was such an icebreaker; it gave everyone permission to relax.




  Gown: Amy Michaelson
Graphic Design: Duplexlab
Lighting: EventsLight
Flowers: Karen Bussen
Music: The Village Klezmer Quintet
Photographer: Philippe Cheng

From the Spring 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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