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The Wedding Album
Sharon Kim and William Gibbons

The Players Club
October 30, 2004


Why the Players Club?
It has a funky elegance that suits us—and a touch of The Addams Family with all the portraits on the walls. It was close to Halloween, so we handpicked masks for each guest, which made everyone very uninhibited; they danced all night.

Sharon's family is Korean and you're from New Hampshire. How did you acknowledge your respective cultures?
We came up with this two-leaf combination symbol that we call the Bill and Sharon logo. It's a gingko leaf and sugar-maple leaf. The gingko leaf is a Korean symbol for health and good luck. Sylvia incorporated the design into the cake.

Were there any mishaps?
We miscalculated the yeses and got 30 more guests than we had anticipated. But you adjust! You bounce a check! Before the ceremony, Sharon walked into a big mud puddle, but the stains were quickly washed out. She didn't need or want to have a princess moment.



  Gown: Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier
Hair & Makeup: Charles Worthington Salon
Tux: Giorgio Armani
Cake: Sylvia Weinstock
Flowers: Elizabeth Ryan
Photographer: Karen Cunningham

From the Spring 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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