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The Wedding Album
Tracey Rogers and Mark Pearlman

Manhattan Penthouse
August 27, 2004


You were married during the Republican National Convention.
We picked the date nearly eleven months before the RNC, so we hadn't anticipated it. The hotel raised the prices on us at the last minute! At the wedding, we had 360-degree views from the penthouse, including a view of Union Square, which was filled with protesters and marchers.

You organized the wedding over the summer. Forget anything?
Two weeks before the wedding, we realized neither of us had bought the rings yet. It was a comedy of errors: On the way to Tiffany's, our car broke down. We also punctured a tire - meanwhile, we had all these airport rounds to make with our families arriving from Oregon and London. It’s a good thing we’re not superstitious.

You customized your vows. What did you say?
Mark said, "I promise that I will not get upset when I see how much you spend on shoes," and I said, "I promise to let you win at Scrabble more often and will look the other way when you take eight tiles instead of seven." We were nervous until our speaking parts were over, but honestly, the entire ceremony was a blur. When we arrived in Bora Bora, we couldn't recall what had happened. We were just like, "Whew! We did it!"




  Gown: Priscilla of Boston
Hair: La Bella Donna
Wedding Planner: Cap and Gown Weddings
Kim Harrison
Music: Bravo Chamber Music
Photographer: Karen Gordon

From the Spring 2005 New York Wedding Guide


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